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Vintage Cruiser

These bicycles are refurbished from scratch and hence they are subject to availability.

2 Stroke Mountain Bike

Petrol powered mountain bikes available according to your needs, depending on the size, being 20” or 26”.

Petrol driven Cargo bikes

Cargo bikes are designed to suit your needs/application. The chassis used is a typical mountain bike platform. These bikes are powered with a 49cc 2 stroke motor. Weight limit is 140kg’s.

Passenger bicycles

Passenger bicycles unfortunately have a weight limit of 140kg’s in order to still obtain speeds up to 25km/h. Once again, these bicycles can be customised according to your needs.

Electric bicycles

With 36V power, our batteries allow our bikes to deal with hills and congested urban areas with ease and fast reactions.

At 10Ah, our batteries have plenty reserves to suit all different uses of the bike (leisure to more challenging). On special request, batteries with higher Ah factor can be fitted.

A fully charged battery will take you easily over a distance of approx. 50kms.
The battery is protected by a locking system that prevents easy theft. It can also be completely removed from the bike in case there is no plug-point available in the proximity for a quick re-charge.

Cruising speeds of 25km/h can be sustained without any effort, up-hills are turned into an easy ride and distances.

Motorized Drifting

Motorized will be opening a Drifting facility where you can come and rent come and rent a drift trike and show off your skills on our exciting tarmac. As we prepare, please drop me an email to share your views on this exciting new venture. The facility will be based in the Somerset West area, and one in Grabouw too. I look forward to seeing your feedback!

Fat Bike series

Professionally modified for only R4500